Thursday, March 29, 2012

Washing like a local

Staying in Paris for a month certainly implies washing clothes, so we made sure we had an apartment with a washing machine!


The machine is nice and small, fitting neatly into the bathroom.  The instructions are all little icons...multi-lingual.  Not sure what all it is saying.....

The drum has a catch that opens for you to drop in the clothes.

The clothes go here!  Add the soap we bought at Carrefour, and we are underway on some cycle or other. 

The environmentally friendly dryer sets up easily in the hallway.

Clothes done and drying.  We are ready to go again!

The clothes smell great, but they don't seem very clean.  MMM.....with my handy dictionary I check the bottle.  "Adoucissant"  what is that?  OOOPS--I've washed two loads of clothes in fabric softener!

Turns out that "living local" has a learning curve.  We are off to Carrefour for some "lessive liquide"  AND we'll take the dictionary with us!

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