Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Everyone is Out-of-Doors!

The weather in Paris has been about perfect for almost two weeks!  There's not a cloud in the sky, and, if anything, it has been rather warm in the sunshine, so much so that you find yourself looking for shade.  Everyone seems to be outside, sitting in the parks, sitting on the grass, having tea or cafe at the coffee houses, and eating on tables pulled out on the sidewalks.

Eating lunch and checking the cell phone in the Jardin de Tuileries--

and in the Place des Vosges....

beneath the Eiffel Tower....

looking north from the Parc Du Champs De Mars

Other folks are taking family pictures, enjoying the day and messing up each others' pictures.

Sauare Bouclcaut, near the Bon Marche--

and the cell phone in the Jardin du Luxembourg...

there's not only eating and texting during a lunch break, but also sleeping for a painter, tired from work at musee de l'orangarie..

The outdoor cafes are filled with people...

spotted in this outdoor cafe--a Montana Mama in cool shades!

eating a croque madam..

With all the people on the streets and all the traffic, there is this moving advertising assembly of truck, trailer and bicycles, all color coordinated, even down to the sneakers.  You go, Orangiana!
This sign at the Place des Vosges says that the grass is sleeping until the 15th of April, and to please not step on it.  I don't think so--today the grass in Paris is on its own and the citizens have claimed their place!

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