Friday, March 16, 2012

Chez Nous

Here's where we are on the Left Bank---

Behind the double doors--

ya'll come on inside....

into the courtyard...

and look for the stairs to the left.

Our living room window is right below the white shutters with the plant hanging on the shutter.

Come on up!

Checking the e-mail.

The bedroom, lots of closet space on the right and good reading lights, all the comforts of home!

The kitchen is not getting much of a workout since we bring in most of our food from the little markets.

The bathroom has a tub!  Note the tiny clothes washer to the right--probably not big enough for sheets and towels, but just right for a few clothes.  Alas, the house-keeping is not much better than at home, but there really need to be a few towel racks!

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