Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Specialty Store

Katie comes this morning, and we've already checked to see that her plane from Charlotte has landed at Charles De Gaulle.  It is such a treat to have her join us.

On another note, our e-mail was hacked overnight--yuck.  All day yesterday the mail account was asking us to verify our password--perhaps that was the way into our e-mail contact list.  So very sorry for the junk in friends' mailboxes.

Ah, the specialty stores of Paris....Who would think a store could make a profit selling nothing but coverings for electronic equipment?  I don't know anything about retailing, but here is the store:  

My e-case is the name of the store (http://www.myecase.fr).  Everything is silicone for the I-Phones and I-Pods.  There are leather coverings for the I-Pad and MacBooks!

One whole wall has this assortment of coverings!

The center section has covers with a dessert, or perhaps, a Paris pastry motif.  Seems like it would make you hungry, just to answer your phone.

Is this a cat or dog sandwich cover?... I'm not sure.  But whatever you can imagine, I think they have it.  Our granddaughters would love it!

In another store we noticed these retro telephone receivers made from silicone and ready to plug into the USB port on your phone!  Funny, but I don't imagine that the younger folks even recognize that this might be part of a telephone...with a squiggly cord?  So large?  How funny.  Oh my.......

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