Saturday, April 7, 2012

Street Art

As we were walking around Paris we met Nikolla Dhales, a street artist whose home is in Florence, Italy.  He spends time in Paris painting and selling his work on one of the bridges near the Louvre, no doubt hoping that tourists interested in art will take a look at his work.  We did, and found it very lovely!  Below his picture is some of his work...

Most of the street artists are found on an "artist's square" near Sacre-Coeur on Montmartre.  Here is some of their art....

The work of another street artist near the Louvre....


  1. There is something suspicious going on here. I am a picture framer and at the moment I have several 'watercolours' painted by this artist for framing. He had bought them for about 7 euros each in Paris (from the artist he believed) and is convinced that they are genuine watercolours, but I have doubts that they are genuine watercolours although they are on quality watercolour paper. One of the 'paintings' is exactly the same as the second picture shown above (river with Notre Dame in the background); and I mean exactly the same in every detail and brushstroke. The only difference is that the sky is different and the painting has been cropped at each side. I think that what has happened is that the artist (or somebody else pretending to be N Dhales)has painted a very detailed and high quality painting, but left the sky unpainted. He then photocopies the painting onto good quality watercolour paper and then paints in the sky and clouds for each copy individually (two minute job for a competent artist), thus giving each print an originality.

    1. Ha.
      We have an *exact* copy of that same painting (border strokes and skies even match) from our trip... in 2013.
      Note the signature in our 'print' was dated 2013.